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Goonies Never Say Die

As promised, I'm here to tell you a little bit more about Astoria. 

If you read through my original article detailing all the stops of our PNW 2.0 trip this past August, then you probably read my little mention of Astoria and Holiday Inn Express - Astoria. For transparencies sake, I will mention that the first night of our stay was arranged and comped by Travel Astoria-Warrenton. I normally tuck this notice somewhere in at the bottom, but I'm mentioning it now because I want those reading to know that while we were hooked up by Travel Astoria, the hotel and the CVB went way above and beyond our expectations. I was not asked to write a blog about them or the hotel, but our experience was just so outstanding I knew the moment I left I had to. 
So now that we're past all the formalities, I'm going to jump right in. We were headed to Astoria from our short overnight in Port Angeles and I can't tell you how excited I was. Now, Astoria at the time meant nothing to me. Al…

The Recipe to a Great Road-Trip

When young girls dream of their future, we never expect the journey to be so long and winding... But here we are some 20 odd years later hustling every day and figuring out our happiness. To say that 2018 was a good year would be hard, to say it was a bad year would also be wrong. We'll just say -- it's been a year. So, it's no surprise that when adventure calls my name I quickly grab my pack and run for it. You see, adventure is like your favorite spice and a road trip is like that crockpot recipe your grandmother gave you that you're not sure you can execute properly, but it'll be delicious either way.

TLDR; Here's a quick overview of the stops we made!  1. Rolled out from Denver and drove all night to get to Walla Walla, WA
2. Wined down in wine country with Bontzu Cellars and Three Rivers Winery
3. Made it to Seattle where we visited Pikes before camping in Deception Pass
4. Left Deception Pass for some Olympic National Park and Port Angeles action
5. Head…

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How to Find the Cheapest Flights This Fall

If you haven't already begun setting aside some cash for your next adventure, you have just under three weeks to get it together! It's August, the best month of the year to buy international flights. Dreaming of Dubai? Fawning of France? These elusive deals are going to be coming in hot, here's how to find them.

Mark your calendars, August is here.Historically speaking, August 21-22 is the average timeframe for when international flights will drop in prices. While these deals definitely pop-up year round, August seems to be a magnet for price mistakes and traditional sales. It's like the perfect storm of market activity to help you save. I set a reminder for that mid-month week, but the opportunities for sales will occur throughout the month. If you don't have any money saved already, now is the time to gather a few hunnies up.  NEVER pay more than $500 for an international flight again! Unless you're flying somewhere particularly far out like Tokyo, New Zeala…


Oregon was the first state I visited when I began this lifestyle of adventure travel a few years ago. I was there for only 18 hours and saw very little, but the hike we did was my first hike since childhood and ignited a passion in me that would shape the rest of my life. Hiking to Pittock Mansion in the early morning glow while snacking on Voodoo Donuts was a highlight of my early 20s and a feeling I still chase today.

Knowing we were headed for Oregon on this trip, it was hard not to be excited. It's host to some of our nation's most incredible features from waterfalls and hot springs to forests lush with life. If you haven't figured it out yet, I really love Oregon. Our destination on this 2nd/3rd day would be Toketee Campground and all the magic that it contains. I was stoked to finally break out the tent and even more excited to break into our stash of Mountain House meals. Drew and I knew, even back when we were still headed to Canada, that the easiest way to cut do…

Meet Hill Country's Firefly: the Wahwahtaysee Resort

I decided the best way to spend part of January was to take my furbaby Courage on a Tour de Tejas ending in Hill Country -- namely, Kingsbury, TX at the Wahwahtaysee Resort. For the sake of transparency I must disclose that the Wahwahtaysee Resort did host me and Courage for our two-night stay in Kingsbury in exchange for my honest review of their new resort. Which we absolutely loved! Take 10% off when you book using code "CurrentlyColorado10."

Our arrival to the Wahwahtaysee Resort was in the dark, making it a little difficult to find but if you know me - you know I love a challenge. I drove up and down the same road probably four times before finally calling for directions. I have the worst night vision, so I don't blame them. It was super dark driving in, but I could still see the outline of pecan trees reaching over our heads. I couldn't wait to see that in the morning. But first, the clouds were parting and I could see some stars peeking through. My goal was to …