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So You Want to be a Travel Hacker?

Welcome to the Club! No literally - there's a lot of them. Before we dive into that, let's have a brief overview.

I do not guarantee that these "hacks" will work for everyone. They worked for me and sometimes they didn't, it's a trial and error type process. These aren't card hacks or point hacks - just travel tips I've learned along the way that have made things easier, less expensive and all around more enjoyable. 

If you were ever wondering if you should AirBnb or Hotel it in Europe or if you should get auto-insurance in Iceland - I'm here to tell you what's worth it. 

Hacking Flights -

Subscribe to ALL the things

I am not joking! When people ask me how to hack flights the first thing I'll ask is what newsletters are you subscribed to - what social pages do you follow - where are you looking? There are loads of resources for flight price drops, but my favorite is Scott's Cheap Flights. Scott has been in the game for quite some time and does a great job of notifying the nation (and the world, now) of those sweet, sweet deals.

After you've subscribed to Scott, go subscribe to every major airline's deal flyer. I'm talking Frontier, United, Spirit, Delta, American Airlines, WOW, IcelandAir, Lufthasana, Southwest - you name it, you better subscribe to it. Subscribers do get special coupons and promo codes that you won't want to miss.

Use Incognito Mode

 If you aren't already, use incognito mode when looking for deals on flights and hotels. When you surf the web, you're leaving behind a virtual trail of breadcrumbs. These crumbs are picked up and used to influence how you search and what you see. Every time you re-search your destination, the price is more than likely going to go up. Use incognito mode to protect yourself from demand inflation.

Look a season ahead for international flights and 50-ish days ahead for domestic. Sure, random deals will always fall from the sky - often when you don't have the funds. If you have *any* inclination that you might travel this year, use these windows as a rule of thumb. Many think that buying your international flight a year in advance is the best way to go, I disagree. More often than not you will see prices dip early in the season previous to when you want to visit (unless it's a peak season, then you're SOL.) For example: if you want to go to Spain in the fall, you'd start looking late spring and early summer for your flights. If you're trying to visit Florida in July, you'd want to look in May. Keep in mind that some markets are expensive year-round like New Zealand and Australia - however, they still go on sale! Set up a fare alert or subscribe to Scott's for those updates.

Hacking Accommodations -

So you've locked your flight - on to the next big purchase, your accommodations. Lots of people get lost in the cost of a flight and don't realize that their hotel can often be the most expensive item on their budget. Think about it - a flight is 2x out of your trip, but where you crash is every night. My first suggestions are going to be resources on where to book accommodations that are more flexible.


I love AirBnB! Not only is the UX awesome, but you can often find the coolest places to stay for the same cost or less than a hotel. Use my promo code to get $40 off your first booking: LMIMS5. Below you'll find some of my lists of A+ pads that are budget friendly: 
If you're looking to stay within the states and want a more natural experience, I strongly encourage looking into HipCamp. With the open to literally book a space to pitch a tent, you can find all kinds of things here. Airstreams and backcountry yurts, the options are endless. Get $20 off your first booking, HERE.


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